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Where Do I Buy Trendy Plus Size Clothing?

by Lisa Martinez
March 4, 2020
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Looking to add some to trendy plus clothing to your closet?  We’ve got you covered!


torrid trendy plus size

Torrid is one of the most popular plus size brands because they have everything you need, from sexy intimates to high end sophisticated brunch bags. They have a wide range of sizes running from 10 to 30 and they strive to make curvy women look and feel beautiful in every way.

Good American

good american plus size

Good American is the brand that’s owned by Khloe Kardashian. She started her own line of clothing as she always had problems finding a good fit for her plus size in denim jeans and other outfits. Even when she did find brands to fit her size and her sisters’ sizes, she found that they always needed alterations.

Good American was founded with the intention of selling clothes that fit well for plus size women. She set out to start a denim line that was sexy and flattering and most importantly made to fit curvy girls like you, and not the other way round.

Today, the brand sells way more than just well-fitting denims for happy plus size women. From super sexy bodycons to jumpsuits and even swimwear, Khloe shows you how to be confident in your own body with Good American. They have sizes from 14 to 24.


eloquii plus size

Eloquii is a brand that believes “fashion doesn’t stop at size 12” and we couldn’t have put it in a better way. They continuously add runway inspired pieces to their online collection and update their pieces on a regular basis as well.

What’s more charming about the brand is that they give a lot of importance to the fit. We all have been there; a pair of jeans that fit the waist but don’t fit your thighs just the right way, or a blouse that fits your bust but don’t fit your arms. They sell sizes from 14 to 28.

Loft Plus

loft plus size

Loft Plus is the best place to find professional trendy plus size outfits. They pay attention to creating feminine details, flattering shapes and once again nailing a flawless fit, because they understand just how difficult it is to find that right fit. They have a beautiful collection of well put together pieces in tops, dresses, blazers and more. They also have a detailed fit guide page to help you find the perfect fit (sizes from 14 to 26).

Curvy Sense

curvy sense plus size

Curvy Sense is a completely American brand that was created by people who know and wear plus size fashion. Their collection is filled with all the latest trends and runway styles that you’ve seen and wished you had in your size. If you thought glitter was too out there for you, or a thigh high slit would make your legs look ugly, check them out – you may change your mind. They also have a specific wardrobe meant for pregnant plus size women and expecting mothers called “Bump Biddy”.

Fashion to Figure

fashion to figure plus size

Fashion to Figure (FTF) considers fashion a state of mind rather than a size range. It sells trendy affordable fashion for every figure and covers a wide range of interesting styles in a number of popular categories of clothing.

In dresses, the brand carries casual and easy silhouettes, sophisticated work wear, sexy cocktail dresses, romantic boho outfits and many more.

In terms of accessories, it has everything from shoes to scarves to jewelry and even bags and belts. Other than these, there are also beautiful, trendy and edgy styles in jeans, tops, pants and intimate wear.

Now that we’ve covered the best in trendy plus size clothing brands, here are some ideas for choosing styles.

Enhance your Best Features

Depending on the shape of your body, pick outfits that focus on and enhance your best features. For example, if you’re a plus size hourglass shape, you can wear outfits that enhance your waist like a peplum top or a bodycon dress or a fit and flare dress that cinches the waist. On the other hand, if you’re larger in the bust area, you can wear outfits with a low cut neckline and show off some cleavage or go for a turtleneck design that would also draw focus on the top.

Play with Colors

You can also create some effects with colors to flaunt the best parts of your body. For example, an ombre top with a black bottom gradient can help enhance your waist. In the same way, a jumpsuit with a gradient effect can bring, and take, focus from different parts of your body.

Keep it Straight to Balance Proportions

If you’re a rectangle shape or if you’re a pear shape, straight line silhouettes will look very flattering on you, as it helps balance out the proportions and not attract focus on any one part of the body. t-shirt dresses, shirt dresses, jersey dresses, boxy tops and boyfriend fit jeans are all flattering for straight shaped women.

Pay Attention to the Stitches and Sewing Patterns

Stitch lines and sewing patterns can also provide a great way to accentuate areas of your body. You can use this to your advantage by adding texture where you need focus and removing it where you don’t.

If you have broad shoulders and you want to focus more on your waist, you can wear raglan sleeves or drop sleeve outfits that don’t have a defined sleeve or shoulder line.

In the same way, if you have a slim lower body and you want to keep it balanced, you can always wear pleated skirts or A-lines skirts with ruffles and flared pants to make your lower body seem wider.

Strategic Loose Fits are Cute, Too

Strategically loose silhouettes can look very flattering as long as you don’t go overboard. For example, if you’re an apple shape with a wider waist portion, tunic tops and sheath dresses that don’t cling to the waist can work wonders. But you do need to make sure that they perfectly fit the shoulders so that they look cute and not sloppy.

Prints to Flatter

You can also utilize textures and prints to make outfits look extra flattering on you. For example, geometric prints that converge at the waist can enhance your curves, floral prints with bigger flowers at the bottom can enhance your thighs and legs and horizontal stripes in the bust area can enhance your upper body.

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