Formal Dress Curvy-Diva

Love'S Hangover Creations Formal Dress Curvy Diva

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This dress was handmade in Noblesville, Indiana. It has some stretch to it and would be perfect for your next classy event. Pair it with heels, your favorite earrings, necklace and/ or bracelets, and make a statement. These are the measurements: 38" long from shoulder to bottom hem. The bust area stretches from 19" to 23". The waist stretches from 36" to 46". The hips are between 44" and 56". The dress is a mix of black and gold. The bust area is 8" long, as measured from the shoulder to the cleavage and 10" wide (before stretching) across the cleavage. The opening in the back is 9" long and there's a button above the opening to simplify slipping into the dress. -->