Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner

Smashbox Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner


Nothing makes a picture pop like some serious color, so with that in mind, Smashbox created Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner, a high-impact, richly pigmented liner in a range of hues from powerful purples to bold blues. The take-anywhere pen combines the intensity of a gel with the creativity of a magic marker—no brush required. Its unique flexible tip with a versatile, angled shape lets you create any line from thin to thick. Its creamy formula glides on for a smooth line every time while staying put for 36 hours. The waterproof, transfer-proof gel won’t flake or fade and it dries instantly for a look that lasts.How to use: Though it can be hard to apply at first, the liner is worth the patience and the practice. For first-time use, twist the base multiple times just until the product is slightly visible on the tip. If a ball of gel accumulates, wipe away excess with a tissue. It’s key to know that you only need 1-2 clicks per eye. The angled tip calls for a light hand and short strokes. Drawing one continuous line can cause streaks. Always start at the middle upper lashline and line to the outer corner. Then, apply to the upper inner corner. It works best immediately after you dispense it. Correct and perfect your line with a dab of primer on a cotton swab if necessary. Be sure to wipe any excess gel with a tissue and replace the cap to get a fresh line every time otherwise the formula could dry out. If you haven’t used your liner in a while, just wipe away initial product that may be a little dry. Removing gel liner from your lid is simple with any oil-based eye makeup remover. -->